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Secure and High Performance Technology


  • requires no changes to aircrafts;
  • requires minor modification of taxiways and airport infrastructure.

The jetTRACS-system consists of two main components: A fleet of automated guided towing vehicles (AGTV) and a navigation and management system.

Aircrafts landing on an airport equipped with a jetTRACS system stop in a parking area nearby the runway and shut-down their engines. Only the APU remains turned on.

The navigation and management system select the nearest available and suitable AGTV and guide it to the parking position of the aircraft. The towbarless AGTV picks up the aircraft autonomous and pulls it to its final parking position, guided by the navigation and management system.

The travel route calculated by the navigation and management system depends on pickup position, final parking position, size of towed aircraft and positions of other AGTV's to ensure conflict- and collision-free transportation. After reaching the final parking position the AGTV releases the aircraft and stands-by for bush-back or further towing orders.

When the aircraft is ready for departure an AGTV picks up the aircraft again and pulls it to another parking area close to the runway. Now pilots can start the engines just spool-up time before take-off.

New Application - Established Know-How

The jetTRACS-system is combining technologies, which have been established since many years. All components have already shown their capability and reliability in daily operation.

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