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Automated Guided Towing Vehicle are driverless towing vehicles, basing on towbarless tractors for towing aircrafts.

Safety is the highest priority in AGTV technology

Save operation of conventional towbarless towing tractors is mainly guaranteed by the driver.

AGTVs are functionally and organizationally capable of performing driving tasks safely and without a driver.

AGTVs which were operating in partially public ares, such as aprons require a distributed sensor system for detecing obstacles. The vehicles safety devices are used for both human protection, as well as protection of goods.

The following safety devices are mandatory:

  • Person recognition system;
  • Braking system;
  • Warning device;
  • Emergency stop system.

The safety devices are able to stop the AGTV immediately and independently from the guidance and management system.

All safety devices have already shown their capability and reliability in daily operation.

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